Guruji Shree Bhagvatanandji


When honourable Swami Bhagwatanand Giriji renounced the world he was thinking of such a place where he can find peace and at such divine place he would like to do penance. while wandering he came to this place and his feet automatically stopped here then he sat at this supernatural place, continued with his rigorous penance and made this place more divine and fruitful. then he was totally dedicated in worshipping and in the service of Goddess Amba and the impact of that penance was seen by the people residing there as they could see an aura being created around the Swamiji. in this area where the most part of it was jungle, very few people used to come there to worship the Sivs-ling, but due the impact of Swamiji’s penance thousands of people started coming there. And this way, the place became a famous religious spot for thousands of people.