Kapileshwar Mahadev

As per the description the ancient scriptures, it is said that the region of the prince Aanart,who was the grandson of king Manu was known as Aanart region. in the stone carvings of “ Khastrap Rudradaman”of Girnar (15th century), there has been a description of the presence of such place. the Aanart region was well-known in the beginning of the 15th century and also during the reign of Solanki Dynasty,which is now known as North Gujarat.the exixtence of the kalol town of the North Gujarat,is been believed to be from about 700 years ago,as per the ‘Copper letters’ obtained from the Brahmbhatt’s and Thakor’s (local tribe in Gujarat) As per the ancient story tales, various shephereds used to come to feed their domestic animals in the jungle area which is now the ‘kapileahwar Mahadev’. A devotee of lord shiva named jaygopal who also was a shepherd, used to come regularly in this area to fess his cow and other domestic animals. one fine day, he saw a miracle. this shepherd had a cow named ‘Kapila’ who always used to stand at particular place and whenever she used to stand that place,a flow of milk on that place from the udder of that cow was seen. Amazed by seeing this incident, the shepherd was always thiking about it and on one fine night he had a divine dream. in this dream, god inspired him to dig the place where he saw that miracle and when he was digging that place, he saw a ‘shiva-ling’emerging ffromthat place.this supernatural place from where the ‘shiva-ling’emerged is known as the temple of kapileshwar mahadev.     DSCN1399 (Copy) The town of kalol was then a dense jungle. very few people were residing here. Many years back, there was a dense foresthere and on the North-East side of kalol,there was a big pond,ancient temples(devalay) of that time, various place to carry on the scared Yagna. and also due to its peaceful, fearless and less crowded area; many saints have done their scared penance and have made this have place more divine.from the ancient scripture named ‘Shilpshastra’(book related to sculptures) of Lord vishwakarma it is been derived that the emerging’shiva-ling’is very ancient.According to the description in the ‘Shilpshastra’ and also from the information obtained from thetemple,it’s believed that the establishment of the temple is of about 1800years ago.from the ‘copper letters’ obtained from the brahmbhatt’s and Thakorr’s (a local tribe in Gujarat) and also just by merely looking at the ‘shiva-ling’,various historians has concluded that this Shiva-ling has been emerged(Swayambhu).Fromall the various temple of Lord Shiva in india,the ones that are self-emerged,supernatural and divine Shiva –lng(as per laid down in the Atahrvavada.also known as Atrvavedi temple) are very few.it is said that there are only three rypes of shiva-ling in india that are very ancient,incredible and eternal and those are at:
  1. In Himachal Pradesh at a place named Gadhwal
  2. In Andhra Pradesh
  3. In North Gujarat – Shri kapileshwar Mahadev
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