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Devalay means Temple, but in Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple .There is separate temple where all old idols of God kept here and daily “pooja-arti” do with Brahimn (Pujari). A Shivling and loard Amba’s old idol, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanumanji and Saptrushi’s idols and all old Samadhi’s for late Gurus are here

Devalay is the holy place where the religious comes to connect with the god by soul and get blessing from them. It is the where we find many idol of the god which are adoration by the worshipper. It is spreads separately in very wide area. At the entering of Devalay there are two bells which are icon of the all the temples. After entering you find the idolof the “Ganeshji” in left and “ Hanumanji “ in right side. And the middle of the devalaya the idol of ma ambaji and lord shiva is established with their family. Besides the Ganeshji, there are idol of “Saptarshi Rushi “ and larde photo of the sanint “ Bharahnlin Swami shree BhagvataNand ji”. Besides the Hanumanji, there are twelve jyotirling shivling.

On every morning lords are worshipped by pujari by doing arti ,pooja, abhishek, and adornment of the all the idols of god. After the adoration the devalay is open for the religious who comes and pray to god and does religious activity.

Approx two hundred to five hundred people comes to worship the god. The rush of visitors are very large on the day of poonam, aatham and amas. They comes with nariyel , fruits, and sweets to serve the lord for praying. Thus Devalay is the one of the holy place of kapileshwar Mahadev.

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